FocuSED Connections

To participate in the 2020-2021 FocuSED Connections, you can find the interest form by clicking on the eighth notes below!

2020-2021 FocuSED Connections Guidelines:

The Southeast District Council is pleased to continue this district communications initiative for the second year! You can find the Official Guidelines by clicking here.

The goal of FocuSED Connections is to facilitate communication between chapters of the Southeast District and strengthen our bonds of Brotherhood. This penpal-like program pairs chapters for two months and encourages them to get to know each other through whatever means best suit them. The options are endless, so get creative! 

In order to ensure a quality experience for everyone, each chapter must complete the FocuSED Connections Interest Form before participating. We encourage Presidents to fill this out on behalf of their chapter, after discussing with them whether they want to participate as well as what they want to gain from the program. Pairings will be made based on which chapters have completed the Interest Form on time.

The tentative schedule for the FocuSED pairings is as follows:

  • 9/4/20 Interest Form due for pairing 1

  • 9/9/20 Round 1 pairing begins

  • 11/4/20 Interest Form due for pairing 2

  • 11/9/20 Round 2 pairing begins

  • 1/6/21 Interest Form due for pairing 3

  • 1/11/21 Round 3 pairing begins

  • 3/4/21 Interest Form due for pairing 4

  • 3/9/21 Round 4 pairing begins

Please note that while there are four Interest Form deadlines, you DO NOT have to fill it out multiple times. This is just to clarify that you can join the program at any point during the year, regardless of whether you participated in the previous round(s).


If any of your info changes, such as the number of brothers/MCs in your chapter, there is a separate Information Update Form for you to complete. It is recommended that you do this at the start of next semester.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact Madeline Lee at or at (228) 334-1677

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