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District Awards

Individual Awards

These awards recognize outstanding Brothers across the district for the work they do in their chapter and community

SED Musicianship Award

This award recognizes an outstanding Brother who is exceptionally involved and gifted in the area of musicianship. They are involved in their chapter, music department and band, and community to further develop and hone musicianship in those around them

SED Leadership Award

This award recognizes a Brother who is a leader in all facets of their life, who constantly strives to better themselves and those around them, and who fosters environments that uplift future leaders. It recognizes the outstanding leadership found in our district, andserves as one of the highest honors for a leader in the SED.

SED Service Award

This award recognizes a Brother who has gone above and beyond in their service, both in conjunction with the Fraternity and in their larger spheres of involvement

Craig H. Aarhus Sponsor/Band Director Excellence 

This award recognizes an excellent band director or sponsor that embodies the ideals and values of Kappa Kappa Psi. Directors do not have to be a Head Director or your chapter’s Sponsor to be nominated. You may nominate more than one individual for this award.

Bert King Outstanding Alumni Award

This award recognizes an Alumni of the SED that continues to live out the fraternity’s purposes and is committed to serving the fraternity and bands past their time as an Active Brother. You may nominate more than one individual for this award.

Zachary T. Stoddard Exemplary Brother Award

This award recognizes an outstanding Active Brother who is an example to all, who cares for all, and who has displayed a strong desire to serve and love each Brother they come in contact with. This is a very high honor awarded by the SED to an Active Brother, You may nominate more than one individual for this award

Chapter Awards

These awards recognize exemplary chapters across the district for upholding the highest regards for our purposes and mission.

District Involvement

This award recognizes Chapters who have participated in District programs, traveled to District events, and shown leadership by submitting bids to host events and having Brothers run for District Officer positions.

Southeast District Spirit Award

This award seeks to recognize the chapter whose high moral spirit and dedication to the health and happiness of its brothers lights a way for the founding characteristics of the Southeast District.

Karly Henson Citation of Musical Excellence

This award recognizes Chapters who have shown dedication to participating in musical endeavors on and off campus, growing their band’s musicianship through music-centric service, and spreading music in their communities.

Kirk A.
Randazzo Leadership Award

This award recognizes Chapters who intentionally foster leadership in their chapters and band programs. They seek out potential leaders, provide many chapter members with leadership opportunities, and have Brothers who are in leadership roles within their band programs

Evan Thompson Service Award

This award recognizes Chapters who keep service at the forefront of their operations. They plan events to cater to the needs of their bands and engage their band, campus, and community members with relevant and exciting service.

Most Improved Chapter 

This award recognizes chapters who have made strides in all areas of chapter operations. They have improved leadership, brotherhood, music, and service, and have overcome obstacles and worked hard to create and maintain a positive Chapter culture.

Ronald J. Sarjeant Chapter of the Year Award

This award is decided by review of the Chapter’s applications for the above Chapter awards. It serves to recognize a Chapter who has made outstanding contributions to the SED, and is holistically among the elite Chapters in service, music, leadership, and involvement. This is the highest award presented to a Chapter by the SED.

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